International Federation of Photographic Art

08th August 2010
Earlier this year, I discovered the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique).

This is a federation which affiliates as operational members, the national associations of photography across the world. Camera clubs belonging to a national photographic association can apply to FIAP for patronage to host an exhibition (called a salon). FIAP patronage for a salon requires the host club to conform to very strict rules ensuring a certain standard of quality.

All Photographers from around the world are invited to submit images to a salon. These are then judged by a panel experienced and highly accredited photographers from the host nation plus international judges. A top percentage of images are selected for exhibition. Medals are presented to the top images and *Ribbons* or *Honourable Mentions* to other high scoring images.

So far this year, I have achieved 30 acceptances in 9 salons with 13 images. Three of these images have won awards. “Rossbeigh” and “Wreck of the Sunbeam” both received honourable mentions in the 64th Bristol International Salon. “Castlefreke 1” received a Photographic Society of Malaysia bronze medal in the 29th Malaysian International Salon.

As a photographer, it certainly is satisfying to have my work selected for exhibitions around the world. Every participant in a salon receives a printed catalogue showing winning images and acceptances.

FIAP offers distinctions based on continued success in salons. Accreditations are world wide. Achieving one is recognition that your work stands up against photographers across the world.

I plan to continue entering my best new work to salons. Hopefully there will be more medals in the future…