Photographic Highlights 2010

13th January 2011
2010 has been a very fruitful year. My main photographic goal was to get an Associateship Distinction which I have described here. Back in March, I entered my first FIAP salon in Bristol after becomming aware of the International Federation of Photographic Art.

FIAP offer distinctions based on continued success in salons. The first 2 are:

Artist (AFIAP): 30 acceptances in 10 salons with 10 different images in 5 countries.
Excellence (EFIAP): 150 acceptances in 30 salons with 50 images in 15 countries.

The full FIAP document setting out all criteria can be found here.

I was really happy to pick up 2 awards in my first salon in Bristol with 3 out of 4 images accepted for the exhibition. Inspired by that initial success, I entered 10 salons over the next few months and reached the criteria to be able to apply for AFIAP.

Inspired again by this success and with a high acceptance rate, I entered a few more with EFIAP in mind. I am really happy that at the end of 2010, I have had 187 acceptances with 49 images. Along the way I picked up 16 awards with 8 images.

FIAP Gold Medal V Salón Internacional Fotografía Digital Illes Balears 2010 (Spain)
AFCC Gold Medal 1st Kuovola Salon (Finland)
1st Award Monochrome Prints Al-Thani Award for Photography (Qatar)
FIAP Bronze Medal 3rd place overall in Landscape Category Al-Thani Award for Photography (Qatar)
FIAP Ribbon 10th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art (Sweden)
FIAP Ribbon Danish Digital 2010 International Exhibition of Photography (Denmark)
Diploma Images Sans Frontiere XII Certamen Internacional Fotográfico Mallorca 2010 (Spain)

FIAP Silver Medal Exposed 2010 (Slovenia)
PSM Bronze Medal 29th Malaysian International Salon (Malaysia)
PSNY Honourable Mention Photographic Society of New York 38th International Salon of Color Photography (USA)

Honourable Mention - Best Waterscape image
Danish Digital 2010 International Exhibition of Photography (Denmark)

PSA Ribbon Tallaght 20th International Salon of Photographic Art (Ireland)

Honourable Mention Photographic Society of America International Exhibition of Photography 2010 (USA)

Honourable Mention 64th Bristol International Salon (England)

Honourable Mention 64th Bristol International Salon (England)

There are 2 more awards not highlighted here. One is for a gannet in flight that received a Highly Commended Medal in Swansea. Maybe at a later date I will introduce a Nature gallery on this site, but for now it will continue to showcase my landscape photography. The other award was initially a PSA Ribbon for Wreck of the Sunbeam 2, but I was later informed that under FIAP rules, one author cannot win 2 awards in the same category. Because I had also won a FIAP Silver Medal, I wouldn't be receiving the PSA Ribbon.

Last but certainly not least, it was a huge honour to have one of my images chosen to be published in THIS high quality photography book.